New Construction in Los Angeles County
Last Updated: February 9, 2023

New Construction in Los Angeles County

If you’re considering purchasing a home in Los Angeles, you’ll find there is a lot to learn. While the city of Los Angeles is home to three million residents, the county is four times that size with secrets in each of the 87 unique cities.

Los Angeles County Landscape and Location

Infamous Los Angeles County is the most densely populated county in the United States. It’s located in southern California, sandwiched between Ventura and San Diego along the Pacific Ocean border.

Los Angeles County is rich in scenic beauty while hosting the mountain ranges of both the San Gabriel Mountains and the Santa Monica Mountains. From ocean scenes to mountaintops and home to the Angeles National Forest, L.A. county is perfect for the outdoor explorer.

Nearly 10 million residents call this area home, creating a culturally diverse environment that celebrates inclusion and welcomes all. L.A. County meets these desires if you’re looking for a location that offers a range of scenes, people, and activities.

Homebuying Advantages In Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County offers a vibrant lifestyle with an active outdoor scene. There’s never a shortage of fun opportunities, from beautiful shorelines to theme park attractions. This area is also home to many major employers, including entertainment and healthcare corporations. L.A. County is attracting attention for all the right reasons, including:

  • Weather: It’s hard to feel gloomy on the sunny beaches of Long Beach, Santa Monica, or Malibu. Even without the ocean waves calling, L.A. County sees sunny weather on average 275 days a year.
  • Outdoor Activities: You can explore the mountain ranges or hike through forest preserves. L.A. is also home to the famous Griffith Park, with more than 4,300 acres of available fun.
  • Job Opportunities: L.A. is the largest manufacturing city in the United States, in addition to opportunities in the entertainment or hospitality industries. It’s ripe with job opportunities.
  • Culture & Food: Visiting various neighborhoods in L.A. is like taking a culinary world tour. The diverse areas richly celebrate their culture through diverse food choices.
  • Shopping: From specialty boutiques to designer name brands, shopping is another area that offers a vast world to explore.

Laid Back Living in Los Angeles

Despite having the second largest population, Los Angeles is actually well-known for its laid-back way of life. It offers an opportunity for every lifestyle choice to call home. From shopping to education and employment, L.A. does living well.

A World of Employment Opportunities

There’s a word of a mass exodus from California. Still, those moving into the state are well-educated and ready for employment. That’s excellent news, as the state is full of employment opportunities. California is home to more than 50 of the Nation’s top Fortune 500 Companies, and 13 of those call L.A. home.

Walt Disney alone employs nearly 200,000 Los Angeles county residents. Of course, this doesn’t account for the artist culture, where performers, musicians, production crews, and personal coaching opportunities also exist within this niche.

Though a major contender, Walt Disney isn’t the only significant employment opportunity here. The county is home to several esteemed universities and tech schools, making it a smart location for new and established companies to find new talent in the following industries:

  • Health Care
  • Tech & Software Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Creative Design
  • Hospitality
  • Trade & Tourism

Education in Los Angeles

While considering the best places in California for an education, you can go ahead and put L.A. on that list. According to a nationwide evaluation of nearly 18,000 schools across the United States, Los Angeles high schools held two top spots.

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) includes over 1,000 K-12 schools and more than 200 public charters. Ranking in the top five spots with a 9/10 rating score are:

  • Kenter Canyon Elementary
  • Renaissance Arts Academy
  • Puc Milagro Charter School
  • Community Magnet Charter Elementary
  • Fairburn Avenue Elementary School

Still, beyond primary education, you’ll find more than 60 college campuses and opportunities for continued learning. Los Angeles is home to four of the Nation’s top 50 colleges, including the California Institute of Technology, the University of California, the University of Southern California, and Pepperdine University.

Los Angeles Has no Shortage of Entertainment

Los Angeles has such an abundance of entertainment that even people born and raised here can regularly find something new to do here. The city is home to the world-famous Griffith Park, with more than 10 million annual visitors. Griffith Park alone offers:

  • Observatory: Located at the top of Mount Hollywood, the observatory offers breathtaking views of the city, the ocean, the Hollywood Sign, and an unparalleled view of the open sky!
  • Zoo & Garden: The Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Garden is also featured here with more than 270 animal species and 7,000 different types of flowers available. A full day of fun is offered.
  • Live Entertainment: the historical Greek Theatre, which was opened in 1929, is a 5,900-seat venue named North America’s Best Small Outdoor Venue.
  • Museums: You can find both the Autry and Travel Town museums within the boundaries of Griffith Park.

While locals and tourists alike could spend multiple days visiting the park, you’d miss out on a world of entertainment opportunities throughout the rest of the city. Take a stroll down Rodeo Drive for some upscale shopping, or search through Santee Alley for flea market finds.

If you’re coming here as a self-proclaimed foodie, Angelenos serve up an impressive feast. The Niki Nakayama is a Japanese restaurant with a two-star Michelin review. It’s also home to establishments with beautiful views and plenty of street food gifts too.

Buying a Home in Los Angeles County

Across the United States, the housing market is noted to be “hot.” Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or rent, things appear to be changing quickly. Los Angeles is no different. It’s a seller’s market with homes in more demand than supply. Still, knowing your best options will help you navigate these waters.

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2022 Housing Overview in Los Angeles County

Looking back over the past year, the housing market in Los Angeles County is cooling. That’s not to say there isn’t fierce competition still, as nearly all homes sold are going for the listing price. Yet, as of November 2022, the median sale price has declined by 1.3%, continuing a 2-year trend.

Low inventory continues to be a significant issue. Houses sell at about $564 per square foot of space and spend an average of 62 days on the market. As of November 2022, the average sale price of a Los Angeles County home was $836,630 compared to $847,790 in November 2021.

What Renting is Like in L.A. County

People who wish to live in close proximity to their workplace may have been drawn into renting in the L.A. metropolitan area. Typically the closer you get to the heart of the city, the higher rent goes up. Still, other factors influencing rental rates include:

  • Overall Housing Market
  • Location & Amenities
  • Housing Size
  • Unit Availability

Given this oversight, it’s no surprise to find that rent varies significantly within the bounds of L.A. County. In the metroplex, renters can expect to pay about $2,786 for a mere 789 square feet of living space. Single-family homes throughout the area can run between $2,500 and $6,000 or more.

Properties for Sale

Buying a home is a right of passage for many. Your property places roots in a place where you feel a sense of belonging. According to, there are nearly 19,000 existing structures throughout the county’s 217 cities. Accounting for foreclosures, these homes range in price from $3,000 to $225 million.

As supply versus demand has been a trend in increased housing prices, there’s good news for Los Angeles County residents. City planning proposed the development of approximately 500,000 new housing developments to address this issue. Affordable housing is on the horizon for current and incoming residents.

To Buy or To Build?

If you’re fresh on the hunt for a new home in Los Angeles County, don’t be boxed in by what’s already available. Buying an existing home may be appealing given that it’s readily available with established lawns and neighborhoods. However, there are several benefits to building a new home instead of shopping the market. These include:

  • Location: One of the significant advantages of building is choosing where you live. You don’t have to wait for a home in your preferred neighborhood to become available.
  • Newness: When you build, everything is brand new. The chances of something major going wrong are pretty slim, making new constructions an intelligent choice.
  • Customization: When you shop in the market, you have to make compromises. Get precisely what you want when you build a home from the ground up.
  • Energy-Efficiency: Today’s high-tech world extends to home amenities too. Build with smart technology and energy-efficient appliances to maximize cost savings.
  • Attachment: While buying your first home is a significant achievement, it also has a special bond when that home is something you built.

Places within Los Angeles County to Live

Living in Santa Monica

photo credit: Meinzahn

Though the actual city of Los Angeles is big enough to cover an expansive list of desirable residential locations, there are 87 other cities and some unincorporated areas you could also come home within the county of L.A. Most desirable and noteworthy cities located within county lines include:

  • Beverly Hills:

Beverly Hills is a city in Los Angeles County, California, United States. It is located in the western part of the Greater Los Angeles Area and is one of the most famous and affluent cities in the world. Known for its luxurious lifestyle, Beverly Hills is home to many celebrities, high-end shopping, and dining experiences.

The city is also famous for its large, opulent homes and its iconic Beverly Hills sign. Beverly Hills is known for its beautiful parks, museums, and landmarks, including the Beverly Hills City Hall, Beverly Hills High School, and the Beverly Hills Public Library. The city is also known for its prestigious schools and higher education institutions, and is a popular tourist destination for those looking to experience the glamour and luxury of Los Angeles.

  • West Hollywood:

West Hollywood is a city in Los Angeles County, California, United States. It is located in the heart of the Greater Los Angeles Area and is bordered by Beverly Hills to the west and Hollywood to the north. Known for its vibrant nightlife, West Hollywood is home to many popular bars, nightclubs, and music venues, as well as a diverse range of restaurants and shops.

The city is also known for its large and active LGBTQ+ community, and is a popular destination for LGBTQ+ tourists from around the world. West Hollywood is also famous for its luxury fashion and home decor boutiques, as well as its numerous art galleries and cultural institutions, such as the Pacific Design Center and the Sunset Strip Music Festival. In addition to its vibrant cultural scene, West Hollywood is also known for its historic architecture, beautiful parks, and iconic landmarks, including the Sunset Strip, the Troubadour, and the Comedy Store.

  • Culver City:

Culver City is a city in Los Angeles County, California, United States. It is located in the southwestern part of the Greater Los Angeles Area, near the beach cities of Venice and Marina del Rey. Known for its rich film and television history, Culver City was once home to major film studios such as MGM and was the site of the first-ever talking motion picture. Today, Culver City is a thriving cultural hub and is home to many arts organizations, museums, and performance spaces, including the Culver City Arts District and the Kirk Douglas Theatre.

The city is also a popular destination for foodies, with a diverse range of restaurants and cafes offering cuisine from around the world. In addition to its cultural scene, Culver City is also known for its beautiful parks, historic landmarks, and family-friendly attractions, such as the Culver City Stairs, the Ballona Creek Bike Path, and the Culver City Farmers Market.

  • Santa Monica:

Santa Monica is a city in Los Angeles County, California, United States. It is located on the Santa Monica Bay, near the Pacific Ocean and is a part of the Greater Los Angeles Area. Known for its scenic beauty and mild climate, Santa Monica is a popular tourist destination, attracting millions of visitors each year. The city is famous for its iconic Santa Monica Pier, which features an amusement park, aquarium, and restaurants.

Santa Monica is also a hub for outdoor recreation, with its wide, sandy beaches, scenic bike paths, and large parks, such as Palisades Park and Tongva Park. In addition to its natural attractions, Santa Monica is also known for its vibrant cultural scene, with numerous museums, theaters, and performance spaces, such as the Santa Monica Museum of Art and the Santa Monica Playhouse. The city is also home to many high-end shops, restaurants, and hotels, and is a popular destination for dining, shopping, and entertainment.

  • Malibu:

Malibu is a city in Los Angeles County, California, United States. It is located along the Pacific coast and is known for its scenic beauty and mild climate. Malibu is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors with its stunning beaches, scenic cliffs, and beautiful parks. The city is also famous for its luxury homes and celebrity residents, and is known for its upscale lifestyle.

Malibu is a hub for outdoor recreation, with its miles of sandy beaches, world-class surf spots, and scenic hiking trails, such as the Malibu Creek State Park and the Malibu Lagoon State Beach. In addition to its natural attractions, Malibu is also known for its vibrant cultural scene, with numerous art galleries, theaters, and performance spaces, such as the Malibu Playhouse and the Malibu Cultural Arts Commission. The city is also home to many high-end shops, restaurants, and hotels, and is a popular destination for dining, shopping, and entertainment.

  • Burbank:

Burbank is a city in Los Angeles County, California, United States. It is located in the eastern part of the Greater Los Angeles Area and is known for its rich media history. Burbank is home to several major media and entertainment companies, including The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros. Studios, and NBC Universal. The city is also a hub for the animation industry, with numerous animation studios located in the area.

In addition to its media and entertainment scene, Burbank is also known for its beautiful parks and outdoor recreation areas, such as the Stough Canyon Nature Center and the Johnny Carson Park. The city is also a popular destination for shopping, with several large shopping centers, such as the Burbank Town Center, offering a diverse range of retail and dining options. Burbank is known for its well-maintained residential neighborhoods and its high-performing schools, and is a popular destination for families looking for a safe and well-rounded community.

These cities with vibrant cultures offer a unique outdoor life, entertainment hub, and attractive employment and housing opportunities. L.A. county can get confusing, but these top neighborhoods are attracting significant attention for all the right reasons.

New Construction Developments in Los Angeles County

You’re ready to build your dream home. Now you need to know what’s up and coming in Los Angeles County. Whether you seek a new home that’s move-in ready or looking for a future plot, these brand-new communities within the county are a great starting point.

Skyline in Santa Clarita

The city of Santa Clarita offers Angelenos a quiet escape from city life but with quick access to the metropolitan area. Just 30 minutes from Los Angeles, Santa Clarita has a cost of living that is about half that of the city. It’s a quiet place to raise a family, but with 6 Flags in town, it’s not without entertainment.

The new Skyline housing development sprawls across 1,600 acres. There are currently more than seven unique neighborhoods within this area, and more are currently underway. Homes here range between 2,881 sf and 3,506. With a starting price of around $900K, you can also look forward to the following:

  • Developed Trails & Dog Parks
  • Sunset & Plum Canyon Park
  • Access to Shopping Centers
  • Multiple Top-Rated Schools

Ready to Build in Lancaster

Lancaster needs to be on your radar if you truly want an opportunity to build from the ground up. Though it’s nearly two hours from the city of Los Angeles, Lancaster offers a quieter pace of life and a significantly lower cost of living.

Known as one of the cheapest places to live in California, developers are taking notice. The average cost of a home in Lancaster is about $400,000, which is nearly half the cost of the rest of the county. Planned but still entirely undeveloped communities that are coming include:

  • Ironwood
  • Seasons @ 20th Street
  • Sonora
  • Marbella

These new communities are an excellent opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Prices, sizes, and amenities still need to be established as these are upcoming communities. You can get pre-approval, pick your lot, and start planning your dream home here, though.

Lyric in Whittier

For the best of both worlds, Whittier is considered a “gateway city” between Los Angeles and Orange County. Both these locations are highly sought after for desirable qualities. Whittier has deep historic roots tracing back to 1887. It’s a quaint location with lots of nature and a hometown feel.

Lyric is a freshly built development with 15 homes, 12 of which are ready for ownership. The community of Lyric falls within top-rated schools, entertainment opportunities, and a host of shopping and dining experiences. The neighborhood offers three different plans to choose from:

  • Plan 1: Starting at $643,540, this 3-story floorplan with 1,337 sf available, three bedrooms, three baths, and a 2-car garage.
  • Plan 2: For $729,990, you can get 1,558 sf of living space, four bedrooms, four baths, and a 2-car garage to yourself.
  • Plan 3: The largest option within the community has 1,859 sf, three bedrooms, two baths, a 2-car garage, and a two-story layout.

Deerlake Ranch in Chatsworth

While Los Angeles might get the hustle and bustle reputation, Chatsworth definitely does not! Known for its tranquil living and locally thought of as a retirement community, Chatsworth draws in younger families for that lifestyle.

Deerlake Ranch is a brand-new housing development located just outside of Chatsworth. It is forecasted to have 314 single-family homes in the very near future. Currently, there are more than 50 homes available within the development. More will be added, but for now, two neighborhoods offer unique accommodations:

  • Skyline: The community of Skyline within Deerlake Ranch will begin selling at the low $1M mark. If you’ve got your sight set here, you can choose from 3,206 sf to 3,741. Bedrooms range from four to five options, with as many bathrooms available as well. Homes in the Skyline neighborhood have a 2-car garage.
  • Horizon: Prices in this development start around $1.5M. They range in size from 3,555sf to 4,301. You can get a four to six-bedroom home with 4.5-6.5 bathroom options and a 3-car garage.

Asteria in West Covina

West Covina is a tranquil community with a family-friendly vibe throughout. It’s made up of primarily single-detached properties. It offers highly-rated schools making it a popular choice for the younger crowd. As an added bonus, this city is only about a 20-minute commute from Los Angeles city.

Lennar is a highly-rated California homebuilder, and they’re bringing a brand-new affordable community to West Covina. The Asteria neighborhood will offer easy access to I-10, in-community parks, and proximity to local schools. Jade and Topaz are the feature models coming, and they offer the following:

  • Jade 1 & 2: These floor plans range in size between 1,318 sf and 1,585 and start at $600,000. They’re both 2-bedroom and 2.5-bath layouts constructed as townhomes.
  • Jade 3: You can choose this style build at 1,697sf of space for a larger option. It’s a three bedroom and 3.5 bath floorplan. Jade 3 starts at $700,000.
  • Topaz 1 & 2: Choose from 1,483sf and 1,637sf, three bedroom, 2.5 bath floor plans in the mid $700,000-$800,000 range.
  • Topaz 3: With fourth bedroom options, this floor plan has three full bathrooms and 1,826sf of living space starting in the mid $800,000 range.

Summing Up All That Is Los Angeles County

While the American Dream is a subjective idea, Los Angeles County offers something for every version. Live like a local by knowing insider information regarding housing, entertainment, and education. Housing costs can run higher the closer you are to the metroplex, but you’ll be close to a world of entertainment and famous attractions. Still, with 87 additional cities quickly developing new communities you can snag a tranquil life without missing out on the excitement that is Los Angeles County.




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