New Home Construction in San Diego
Last Updated: January 25, 2023

New Home Construction in San Diego

Finding an existing home to purchase can be a frustrating process, especially true in metropolitan areas. Still, San Diego hopes to approve more than 14,000 residential permits each year, making new construction potentially easier.

Find new builds in these popular areas.

Park Circle



Just north of San Diego and 25 miles off the coastline is a family-friendly community welcoming all ages known as Park Circle. Park Circle is a community built on scenic farmland and known for its quiet homesteading ways.

With access to retail shops, recreational centers, parks & trails, and a host of dining options, Park Circle has a small-town appeal. Still, it’s just a quick commute to the bustling metropolitan of the San Diego area and perfect for a homebuyer in any stage of life.

Park Circle offers mostly single-detached family-style homes but does have a few duplex and row-home options. It’s a neighborhood built for a range of income earners from low to moderate, and prices range from $400,00 to $899,000.

While still under construction, Park Circle is expected to be the home of more than 632 residential properties.

Under the umbrella of Park Circle, there are several upcoming neighborhoods by various builders, including:

  • Beazer Homes: Properties from this builder will range in size from 2,038-2,731 square feet (sf). You can expect houses by Beazer in Park Circle to have 3-4 bedrooms with 2.5-4 baths.
  • KB Home: KB Home is building in Park Circle between 2,061 and 2,620 sf, 3-4 bedrooms, 2.5 bath single-story homes.
  • Meritage Homes: Leading the way in the Kyra neighborhood, Meritage provides family homes of 4-5 bedrooms, 2-3 baths, and sf ranging between 1,910 and 2,948.
  • Richmond American: For larger families, Richmond builders can accommodate 3-6 bedrooms, 2-3.5 baths, and home sizes between 2,082 and 3,0044 sf.

Del Mar Estates Communities

San Diego Estates


Located within the prestigious community of Del Mar Mesa, Del Mar Estates is a new, small development of 25 luxury estate-style homes. Del Mar Mesa is a 2,042-acre historic community in San Diego.

As much of this community is reserved for preservation efforts, and still active in the horse ranching industry, Del Mar Mesa is considered a semi-rural area. However, it still serves the best of all worlds, as it’s only six miles from Torrey Pines Beach.

Community planning limits lot sizes emphasizing the importance of affordable housing in California while maintaining land for preservation. Still, Del Mar Mesa is known for its award-winning architecture, and a recently built area known as Del Mar Estates has become available.

If you’d like to be a part of this community built by the Toll Brothers, there are approximately seven high-end homes available here. They range in size from 4 to 5 bedrooms and 4,765 to 6,040 sf. With access to an 18-hole golf course and a resort-style hotel, homes in this area start at $3 million.

The Community of Cadence



Oceanside is one of the most sought-after communities within San Diego. Oceanside has a rich, culturally diverse community, plenty of outdoor recreational events, and is home to the world-famous Oceanside pier and beach.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to purchase a brand-new built home in this highly-esteem portion of San Diego County, there’s good news. The community of Cadence is under construction by one of San Diego’s top 10 builders.

KB Homes is bringing 50 projected new units to Oceanside. There are a host of benefits offered by this new subdivision, including location and price.

Cadence is just three miles from Camp Pendleton, making it perfect for military families or those working under government contracts.

Moreover, if you crave the outdoor lifestyle, Oceanside Beach is a mere five miles from the new Cadence community. Homes here will start at $800,000, with generous floor plans available.

There are currently three models to choose from, including:

  • Plan 1891: A clean two-story home with three or four bedrooms and 2.5 baths. This model has a 2-car garage and is 1,891 sf.
  • Plan 2040: This single-family dwelling offers 2,040 sf, a 2-car garage, and four bedrooms, similar to plan 1891.
  • Plan 2058: If you need more room, you can opt for this model with 2,058 sf available and 4-5 bedroom options. It comes with three baths and a 2-car garage.

Cota Vera in Chula Vista



San Diego County’s second-largest city, Chula Vista, is home to a brand-new community still under development. Cota Vera will bring 96 new constructions in a vibrant community constructed with health and well-being in mind.

Chula Vista has mild weather all year, with approximately ten days a year seeing temperatures above 90. With some of the county’s top-rated schools and a crime rate 43% lower than California’s average, Cota Vera will offer a mix of single-family and townhome-style units in this highly sought-after community.

Cota Vera, located south of San Diego, is being labeled a masterplan community. This means everything has been carefully curated from undeveloped land to be a self-contained city-type environment. You could call this community home and have everything you need nearby.

Due to the large-scale nature of this masterplan community, the development will continue for many years. If you’d like to find a residence to call home, three builders are currently underway. Shea Homes, Lennar, and Calwest. However, there will be many homebuilders to come.

Avion in Black Mountain

Avion black new construction


If you have visions of a picturesque mountainscape when you think of California, then Black Mountain likely comes to mind. The community located within the hills of Black Mountain is perfect for the outdoor sports enthusiast.

One of the major homebuilders in San Diego, Lennar, is now making this beautiful location home to 84 potential buyers. Of course, overlooking such beauty comes with a price, and these properties are considered luxury builds.

Still, if living on the hilltops while also living in style sounds enticing, these homes start at around $1.2 Million. The Avion village being built by Lennar will have four different three-story residential floor plans to choose from.

The units in Avion will range in size from 2,289 to 2,547 square feet with features like owner’s suite with spa-like bathrooms. The homes also come with pre-installed security monitoring.

Additional benefits include the highly acclaimed Poway Unified School District and easy access to I-15 and SR-56.

Why Consider a New Build?

It’s no secret the housing market is currently hot. There have been reports of startling behavior, such as buyers offering thousands over the asking price, foregoing inspections, and available homes flying off the market the same day as a listing.

California, in particular, is feeling a bit more pressure. There are many reasons for the current market issues, which are not necessarily negative. Major tech companies are firmly planted here, bringing abundant employment opportunities.

However, particular areas, including San Diego, are seeing that for every available home, there are 5.4 corresponding new job positions. With that figure in mind, new constructions answer California’s housing issues.

A new build will likely help you during the housing hunt and offer benefits such as:

  • Customization: A significant benefit to buying a new build is customizing your home according to your preferences. Everything from color schemes to subtle layout changes is your choice.


  • Low Maintenance: Everything in it is fresh when you buy a brand-new home. There’s minimal risk of costly repairs in the near future.


  • No Inventory Issue: Building solves the issue of low inventory. When you contract with a builder for new construction, you don’t have to compete with offers from other buyers.


  • Tax Breaks: Aside from California’s 1st-time homebuyer tax credit, you can qualify for an additional tax break if you build with energy efficiency in mind.

San Diego is in a constant state of building new, affordable housing to keep up with the demand. Going with a new build over an existing home not only helps solve an important social issue but it also brings you several benefits.

How to Choose a Builder

While going with new construction can help the overall process of purchasing a new home, there are special considerations. Choosing the right builder is one of the most important decisions you’ll make during this process.

With more than 60,000 home builders in California, the decision may be overwhelming. You can’t interview or consider every option available at that number. Instead, focus on finding a home construction company with the proper requirements.

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Professional Licensing

General contractors are required to carry special licensing permitting their services in accordance with local laws. They’re required to take a home builder license exam, ensuring they have competency in this information.

Suppose you’re considering a particular contractor and want proof of their qualifications. In that case, you can verify it with the Contractors State License Board website. Moreover, due to the cost at stake, the type of insurance the business carries ensures your investments are protected.

Reviews & Past Projects

Reviews are essential in any major purchase. This is especially true when investing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Reputable builders will have online reviews on Google, Facebook, and the Better Business Bureau. Check out what past customers have to say about their new builds.

You can also drive through established neighborhoods where a particular builder has already contributed. See for yourself the style they utilized and how these homes have held up once families have moved in.

Professional Affiliations

You don’t want to gamble your money on someone who isn’t fully invested in their practice. Still, it can be hard to tell how committed a business is. One way to ensure you have an esteem builder is to check out their professional affiliations.

Builders involved with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) or similar professional organizations have a stake in important industry issues. They are often educated and trained on policies and regulations.

Things to Consider About a New Build

Choosing the right builder is especially critical once your project is underway. There are common issues faced during the new construction process, and a reputable home contracting company can mitigate some of those.

Still, just like buying an established home, the whole process of acquiring a new property can come with some set back. Especially in the 2023 market, you can expect a few issues to arise that are common throughout the nation.

Building Delays

Construction delays have been common throughout history; however, this issue is compounded in 2023. A labor shortage makes it difficult for contractors to hire and keep employees. Turnover may result in extending building timelines.

Still, it’s not just a labor shortage that construction companies are facing. There are issues in the supply chain, making it difficult to find many things associated with building a new home. Builders compete against each other for resources from lumber to appliances and cabinetry.

Inspection Process

Inspecting a new home after it’s finished may seem frivolous. After all, if the house is brand new, what could possibly be wrong? If you’re trying to cut costs, don’t skip the inspection. If your contractor struggles to find help and resources, they may have skimped on things elsewhere.

Inspecting a new home will ensure the structure is up to code on safety and structural issues like electrical, plumbing, and foundational work. You might be surprised to find that a thorough inspection turned up a loose railing on a second-story loft space.

Type of Loan

Obtaining a loan for new construction can get tricky as it requires architectural plans, permits, and compliance inspections. Some construction companies assume a building loan, which is converted to a traditional mortgage once approved for residency.

Before agreeing to break ground with a contractor, ensure the proper funding has been approved.

If the builder holds the construction loan, then you’ll need to consider which of the following mortgages to assume once the project is completed:

  • Fixed-rate Loan
  • Conventional Mortgage
  • VA Loan
  • Standard Adjustable Rate Loan

Final Thoughts on New Construction in San Diego

San Diego offers a vibrant lifestyle for a range of demographics. With an elevated job market and beautiful scenery from coastlines to high mountaintops, it’s sure to satisfy anyone. Finding a residential property can be a challenge, though.

If you’re moving to San Diego, you may opt for a more straightforward process by going with a new construction home. The city is in a constant state of development. Knowing which type of community and your preference for builders will help you narrow your search.

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